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Andros Bahamas: Bonefish Capital of the World

Andros is the largest of all the Islands (104 miles long and 40 miles wide) but has the smallest population for its size. It has an abundance of bonefish and the world’s third largest barrier reef which is over 140 miles (225km) long and is renowned for its superb diving sites and marine life. Andros (2,300 square miles) is the fifth largest island in the Caribbean, but only has a population of 8,000 people. Andros is 167 km (104 miles) long and 64 km (40 miles) wide at its widest point.

Andros is composed of three major islands: North Andros, Mangrove Cay, and South Andros, and hundreds of cays adjoined by mangrove estuaries and tidal swamp lands. An astonishing two hundred different types of birds are native to Andros Island!

Andros is the largest of the Bahama islands, dwarfing the more densely populated New Providence in size almost tenfold. Teaming with lush green foliage, spunky land crabs, and wild orchids of every possible color, Andros is an Edenic paradise. And if you like to get your feet wet, Andros has more then a few beaches to do it, as well as some of the best diving sites in the world, filled with deep coral canyons and magnificent blue holes. Due to its proximity to the Tongue of the Ocean and network of fresh and saltwater blue holes, Andros Bahamas was a popular scuba diving destination in the early days of the sport. It was a populardestination for famous divers as Jacques Cousteau.

Andros is the least densely populated of all the Bahamas, with a population of a little over six thousand. Most of these people live on the east coast of the island in the three major towns on the island; Nicholls Town and Andros Town on North Andros, and Congo Town, on South Andros. Andros Island’s port of Fresh Creek was once a popular hangout for the “Rat Pack,” including Sammy Davis, Jr.

Unspoiled and virtually undiscovered: Andros Island, Bahamas is a world apart from the crowds and an authentic Bahamas Vacation.