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History of the Biminis

The Bimini Bahamas History: Wrecking, Rum Running and Ernest Hemingway

Bimini has had a thrilling history. Bimini was a rendezvous point for wreckers who settled in the islands in the mid-19th Century. When wrecking ended, the people of Bimini tried fishing, sponging and growing sisal and coconuts. When Prohibition was declared in the United States, Bimini became involved in rum-running.

Author Ernest Hemingway, who first visited Bimini in 1935 (he lived there until 1937), engaged in sport-fishing fishing in Bimini for a number of years. In fact fishing in Bimini is so good, that Ernest Hemingway wrote a book about it–Islands In The Stream. However, why read Ernest’s stories about the Biminis, when you can make your own…in Bimini.

North Bimini was also a location for the closing sequence of the movie Silence of the Lambs (1991).