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Traveling to Eleuthera

Traveling to Eleuthera and Harbour Island

Most trravellers fly into Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, then connect to a commercial flight to Eleuthera. If you are coming to Harbour Island from Europe, you can fly to Nassau from London or Paris. One can also take Bahamas Fast Ferries from Nassau to Eleuthera to Harbour Island.

Getting Between Harbour Island and Eleuthera
A ten-minute water taxi ride ($5 per person) available during the day is the most popular way to go between Eleuthera and Harbour Island.


Eleuthera Air Charters & Cargo

GPS Bahamas
Fast, friendly, professional service.


Eleuthera Airports

Governor’s Harbour Airport (GHB): Central Eleuthera
GHB is the most active of the three airports on the island, being centrally located. It is 7.5 miles north of Governors Harbour and 4 miles north of Hut Pointe. | 242-332-2321 / 242-332-2440

North Eleuthera (ELH): Harbour Island & Spanish Wells
North Eleuthera Airport is a Port of Entry for private flights with a 4,500-foot runway with no tower and currently no gas. However plans are afoot to provide gas and open a jet center. Many vacationers and residents fly private planes into the North Eleuthera Airport (code ELH). There are private charter planes available as well. North Eleuthera Airport has a landing strip of 6,000 feet and lights that permit night landing.
ELH is the primary place to land for trips to Spanish Wells and Harbour Island. If your schedule is such that it’s easier to get your connection to North Eleuthera, many visitors simply rent a car or hire a taxi for the journey south to Governor’s Harbour. | 242-335-1242

Rock Sound (RS): South Eleuthera
Rock Sound Airport (RS) is the southern airport on Eleuthera between Tarpum Bay and Rock Sound. New terminal. | 242-334-2177 / 242-334-2139


Eleuthera Travel By Sea


Departs Nassau: Friday 7pm
Arrives Governor’s Harbour: Friday 9pm
Returns Nassau: 1/2 hr. after arrival

Departs Governor’s Harbour: Sunday 5pm
Arrives Nassau: Sunday 7pm


Call Port Authority
(242) 393-1064

Bahamas Daybreak III
(242) 393-1064 to South Eleuthera
leaves Nassau
Mon. 5pm
returns Tue 10pm
five hour trip
$40 round trip

Eleuthera Express to North Eleuthera
leaves Nassau
Mon 7pm
returns Tue 8pm
five hour trip

Sea Road (cargo & passenger)
Nassau: Thursday 1200
Arrives 3pm

Taxis & Getting Around


Governor’s Harbour
Lawrence Griffin 242-332-2077 / 242-332-2087
Butch Johnson 242-332-2648
Cecil or Stanton Cooper 242-332-1620 / 242-332-21575
Tommy Pinder 242-332-6711
Dwight Pinder 242-332-2223
Hilton Johnson 242-335-6241 242-335-6356
Israel Johnson 242-335-6283
Arthur Nixon 242-332-2568
Winsett Cooper 242-332-1592
Cash’s 242-335-1096