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Map of New Providence

Downtown Nassau
Parliament Square in downtown Nassau is the center of the Bahamian government, where you will discover picturesque pastel buildings erected in the early 1800s by Loyalists, including the Houses of Parliament, the old Colonial Secretary’s Office, the Supreme Court, surround a marble statue of Queen Victoria. Each season, the Opening Ceremonies of the Supreme Court fill the square with pomp and pageantry. Further downtown stands Fort Charlotte. Built in 1788, it is complete with moat, open battlements and dungeons.

Cable Beach
Cable Beach, with its casinos, luxury hotels, and sandy white beaches, got its name from the laying of transatlantic telephone cables in 1907 linking the Bahamas to the rest of the world.

Paradise Island
For encounters of a different kind, venture east and cross the bridge from the town of Nassau to “Paradise,” with resorts, casinos and exciting nightlife on an island formerly called “Hog.” Its transformation is not unlike Cinderella’s putting on the glass slipper. For years the island stood completely undeveloped, its beaches and tropical splendor unnoticed by the world. Suddenly, with the addition of luxurious hotels and a sparkling casino, it was transformed into one of the most glamorous and celebrated resort centers in the world, combining exclusive tranquillity and lots of action.

West of Coral Harbour, lies Adelaide, a tiny village with narrow streets. It was one of the first Black settlements established after the abolition of slavery. The area offers a fine spot for fishing and swimming.

Lyford Cay
At the tip of New Providence Island, is Lyford Cay, an exclusive residential enclave. Home to stars like Sean Connery.

Coral Island
Coral Island, with its 100 foot tower offers a commanding view. Descend into its underwater observatory for close encounters with stingrays and other creatures.